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The Secret of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Submission in 48 Hours

Dear Friend,

Have you been trying to submit your website through web sites that offer Free Search Engine Submission and waiting for a few weeks for your web site to show up on the search engines. Or perhaps, you have been trying to submit your web site to the search engines manually. If your answer is YES and you want to submit your site in a short period of time, please read my article let me share my experience with you and show you a way to have your web site listed on all the major search engines in less than 48 hours!

But before we go to the details of our concept, I would like to tell you where and how I got the information. I have been studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web site advertising for a few years and I have read many blogs, articles, and discussion rooms that were talking about search engines and how you can get a better ranking on the search engines. Most of the time, I would see the same thing over and over. Some times, I would saw some spamming that not only didn’t improve my web site’s ranking, it actually reduced my web ranking and even one time Google banded my web site from their data search. Thus, information is available on the internet, but you as a reader MUST skip the trash and look for the ones that have merit. Finally, I decided to study search engines and learn about their tricks.

Although, big boys (Yahoo, Google, MSN, and Askjeev…) have not revealed their secrets of their search engines with the public; however, they have patented their search engines ranking method and they are available to the public at USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office). So I have studied these patents and based on the descriptions on the patents and my personal experience, I am providing these information to you.

In order, to have you web site listed on search engines, you must convince the search engines to crawl your web site. So, after designing the site and putting all the Keywords and Meta tags on the head of you site, you need to tell a search engine to come and visit your site. This is the same method that you have probably been doing before. Yes it does work but I can’t tell you how long it takes for search engine to crawl you web site. Why?  Well, let me give you an example. Imagine that you have a store and I have a product. I know you because you are one of the top stores and everyone wants to put their products on your store because you have so many visitors. But the problem is that you don’t know me. So I come to you and tell you; hey! I have a good product will you please look at it and put it in your store? What would be your answer? Well, I don’t know about you, but the search engines will tell you I will look at your site whenever I have time and if it’s good I will list it on my database.

But, what if I come to you with one of your best friends and he or she tells you hey I know this guy. I will grantee that he has a good product. In fact, I have put his products on my store. Will you take a look at my product? Again, I don’t know about you, but the search engines do! In fact, they just trust a referral without even examining their sites.

Now, let discuss how to get listed on the Search Engines in less than 48 hours. It’s very simple. All you need to do is to find a third person, who can represent and refer you to the search engines.

Who should be the third party? The third party can be any websites that has a web ranking of 6 or more. The more web ranking they have the faster you get listed on the search engines. I couldn’t find any formula that shows how often the search engines crawl web pages. But, if the web site that is referring you to the search engine has a ranking of 7 or more, their web site is probably being crawled by search engine daily.

As a result, if you know some one that his or her web site has a good ranking ask them to place you link in their home page or any other page that has a ranking of 6 or more and you will see that your site will be listed on the search engines in less than 72 hours.

If you don’t know any one, you can simply go to Google, Yahoo or any search engine and type “buy text link” and you can get a high quality link for less than $150.00 for a month; which, all you need in order for your web site being listed on the search engines in less than 72 hours. 


By: Afshin Davari

SEO Specialist


Successful_Linking-StrategySuccessful Linking Strategy

Linking strategy is an important search engine optimization strategy. Since most major search engines are putting more weight on the incoming links to the websites to determine the ranking of the site. Therefore, having an excellent strategy for your website will result a better placement on the search engines. In addition, getting link from other websites.

SEO - Google PageRanking Method

SEO - Page ranking Secret method by Google

Google search engine uses a unique mixture of advanced hardware and software for its search engine to create a super fast search result for its users. However, the secret is the page ranking technique; which, was invented by Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University.

In this method the higher ranked...





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